Hyderabad 10k Run

Entry Rules

  1. Interested Runners need to pre-register on https://www.eventsnow.com/events/12735-hyderabad-10k-run to participate in the event.
  2. It is mandatory to fill all fields prefixed with ‘*’ in the registration form.
  3. Post registration, the Runners will receive a mail and aSMS mentioning their booking number. This SMS needs to be produced by the Runner at the Sports Expo which shall be held on 23th November 2019 in People’s Plaza, Necklace Road.
  4. In case the participant is below 18years old, a parental consent will be required and will have to be produced at the Expo.
  5. All runner kits will have to be collected from the Expo between 10am- 7pm.
  6. No Runner kits and BIBs will be handed over on the Run day.
  7. No running number BIB will be posted to individual mailing addresses.
  8. T-shirt sizes chosen by the Runner during registration will be considered final. Any on spot size changes, will not be entertained.
  9. The registration fees are non-refundable under all circumstances. Thus, requests for cancellation and refund will not be entertained. Further, application fees shall not be refunded bynon-participation, including failure by a confirmed participant to collect his/her BIB from the Expo.
  10. In case any information and/or any document provided by an applicant/runner at any point in time is found to be incorrect, participation of the said runner shall be withheld /disqualified and there will be no refund of application fees paid by the runner.
  11. Wearing the BIB is mandatory. Any person found defaulting this, shall be held liable and shall be disqualified, if/when noticed.
  12. Please go through all information mentioned in the form prior to registering. Confirmation of applications received will be subject to the Entry Rules & Guidelines given herein.
  13. This application form and the right to participate in the event and the rights and benefits available to the applicant under this entry form is at the sole discretion of the event promoters, Hyderabad 10K Run foundation, and cannot be transferred to any other person under any circumstances. The applicant alone shall be entitled to the rights and benefits arising out of such confirmation of participation.

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